Sunday, 13 September 2015

What does David Cameron believe in?

In recent weeks, newspapers and other media outlets have been informing their readers/viewers of some of the things Jeremy Corbyn believes in. The level of untruth and spin in such lists varies depending on the political opinion of the outlet or individual reporter.
So in the interests of balance, I thought I would write a list of some of the things David Cameron believes in. This is a work in progress but these are the things I thought of whilst rocking my baby back to sleep in the early hours:
  • Supporting Rebecca Brooks who can't be the "I knew nothing" incompetent that her defence suggested because she's just been rehired
  • Having dinners with private company bosses to discuss political issues which affect their businesses
  • Not meeting with unions who represent millions of workers
  • Receiving huge donations from people and companies who then benefit from his policies
  • Peerages for MPs who failed or worse, were corrupt
  • Giving honours to Tory party donors
  • Waving cash in the faces of staff and trashing restaurants (bullingdon club days)
  • Supporting Aston Villa - or is it West Ham?
  • Supporting Israel as they continue to mercilessly destroy the Gaza strip
  • Being the greenest government ever. No wait, sorry: cutting the green crap
  • Walking away at the end of a statement so that journalists can't ask questions
  • Making the poorest and most vulnerable pay for the mistakes of the richest with welfare cuts
  • Cutting more funding to councils in poor areas than affluent areas
  • Giving tax breaks to the wealthiest in the country
  • Handing over huge subsidies to big private sector profiteers
  • Doing nothing about tax avoidance
  • Making money from tax avoidance (his Dad's company made a fortune which lucky Dave and his siblings have inherited)
  • Fighting against the EU on behalf of his chums in the city
  • Letting Quadrilla frack under YOUR house
  • Signing a trade deal (TTIP) that will allow private companies to sue governments if their policies harm their potential profits: e.g. the NHS for harming the profitability of private healthcare providers
  • Forcing the BBC to pay for free licence fees for OAPs whilst ensuring the big private energy companies still get the winter fuel allowance paid for by taxpayers
  • Shrinking the BBC whilst allowing Murdoch to increase his UK media monopoly
  • Selling off state assets on the cheap to his chums and party donors e.g. Royal Mail and RBS
  • Selling arms to Saudi Arabia who fund ISIS
  • Unfair legal system: the Tories have crushed legal aid so now people can only get legal representation if they can afford to pay for it, meaning if they are unfairly dismissed or suffer due to their employers' negligence, it's just tough

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The absurdity of right-wing views on borders

Britain is an island nation in north western Europe, far from the land mass where our distant ancestors came from. Even if you're religious and believe the bible or other religious text, show me where Britain, or the UK, or any area which became our country is mentioned. You can't, because it's not there. So it's clear then, none of us are originally from Britain.

That being the case, I'd like to know at what point in history you think we should draw the line. Would it be after the Romans invaded? After Irish workers came over and built our roads and railways? Or more recently, like perhaps after you yourself were born here?

Britain is as guilty as any nation of marching into lands already occupied by other peoples and taking over. We have made our fortunes from the fat of other peoples' land and now our government and many of our brain-washed, selfish people want to stop desperate people from finding refuge in the UK.

You have no stronger claim on the area you live in than any person from any other part of the globe. Men, women and children are dying trying to leave oppressive and dangerous nations. They are not coming to steal your job or live off your taxes; they are merely trying to survive. Though we may not feel it, we are fortunate and wealthy and we cannot close our eyes and ears to this desperate crisis. And we absolutely should provide refuge to many, many more people.